Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Sometimes you buy a big bag of onions from farmers market or any store because it was cheap and when you come home you wonder how to store them so that they can be used for a longer time, without spoiling them.

Onions should be kept in cool, dark and dry place. They should be spread out in the container to ensure proper air circulation. I keep onions in a wooden basket; they last for 2-3 weeks without spoiling. I keep the onions in the basket shown in the picture.

Onion can also be stored in refrigerator. To do this cut and discard the root end and stem end of the onion. Peel off the out layers of the skin. Place the peeled onion on the piece of plastic warp. Tightly wrap the plastic around the onion. Repeat the process for other onions. Now keep these wrapped onions in a ziptop bag. You can use these onions for a week. The great advantage to store the onions in this way is that when cut them you will have no tears. Also due to individual wrapping, you won’t notice any onion odor in refrigerator. Some times the butter and milk can easily catch onion odor.

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